Ellen Korth

Ellen Korth is a multimedia photographer and artist.


Covid has meant many artists have altered their personal practice. With travel restricted Korth’s beautiful hand made book is of the photographs she took over several weeks on her daily walks, she aimed to take an image per day. She made seven folios each containing seven prints on very thin 14gm Awagami double layered paper, the bottom layer is removed giving the print an ethereal diaphanous quality. She additionally scrunched the paper then ironed the creases out.  Reviewing the book Stockdale (2021) comments  “these pages are too delicate to handle quickly. One is forced to proceed in a measure manner to visually walk with Korth on her meditative journey”.

Fabric of Time.

This is unbelievably gorgeous work, photographs of items of underclothing  kept at Twickel Castle, Netherlands. They evoked memories of Korth’s own mother caring for similar garments, mending and ironing. The garments were photographed on a light box highlighting the flaws which have become markers of time. Old garments connect us with a past era, yet what do we really know about the people who wore them? . “Metaphorically clothing is a facade, meant to hide what resides underneath, while the undergarments create both exterior form as well as concealing the person’s full identity” (Stockwell, 2019). 

Printed on 14gm Awagami double layered paper with the bottom layer removed they are delicate, just like the clothing itself.  An exhibition at Twickel included the book, photo prints with gossamer thin life-size prints suspended above. + See images here.

The Rustle of Touch.

Due to the unique design of the  Fabric of Time book not all of the photographs taken by Korth were published. This is a much simpler book but still perfectly conceived, each also contains two hand-made prints. 


Charkow consists of seven intricate large booklets each about a particular individual or couple. The design reminds me of Russian matryoshka dolls, each piece getting gradually smaller.  As you look through the book the photographs decrease in size.  

During WW2 Korth’s mother Nadya escaped from the Ukraine settling in Holland. Destroying her belongings and keeping her origins secret she was an enigma to her daughter. “Torn photographs in a suitcase were clues but not answers” (Knoblauch, 2016). The book dedicated to Nadya contains only a handful of photographs without dates whilst the center is left purposely empty. 

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10 thoughts on “Ellen Korth

  1. Jonathan Kiernan

    I was very taken with the Awagami paper, can that paper be printed on an inkjet? It is beautiful and evocative way of presenting images, the work Charkow I like very much as well, what a creative lady.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Johnathan Hall

    I think the Awagami paper could be very appropriate for your images, I imagine looking at these books by Ellen Korth will have been quite inspiring for when you create your own book!

    I like the tangibility of picking up a (photo) book and these creatively made books seem to be a special experience to flick through.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Judy Bach Post author

      They are quite wonderful aren’t they, I love books especially one like this ! I’m looking forward to printing on the Agawami paper I’ve bought but doubt they’ll be as good as Korth’s 😁. I’m also going to try prints on voile. I’m considering using a bespoke bookbinder recommended by my tutor… link below.

      Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday at the hangout & hearing you talk about your BoW.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Johnathan Hall

        Sounds great! Voile is an intriguing choice as well, didn’t realise you could print on it.

        I checked out the link to the bookbinder and they look very interesting.. it got me looking at further bookbinders around me!

        Thanks Judy, looking forward to it too

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Andy

    Scrunched-up and then ironing out paper! I love that! Since time/existence is hardwired through your work, scrunching/ironing (as well as a gazillion other physical manipulations such as ripping, shredding, etc) seems such a great fit for you. I mentioned how I used 70gsm paper on your last post but, omg, that 14gsm is *beautiful*! I should’ve looked a little more at paper types… I’d really like to explore working with such a light/delicate print. It seems so fitting for your work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Judy Bach Post author

      I just love what Korth’s done, that paper is absolutely gorgeous… it’s so delicate I wonder how hard it is to print with ? I’ve got some Agawami paper to experiment with so looking forward to seeing the results of the prints. I don’t think it includes the 14gsm one though.

      Liked by 1 person


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